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OOC Player information

If Jo, Hank or George owe you tags right now, they're gonna keep owing, probably until Sunday. Grandma died this morning, so I'm headed to Minnesota to do the funeral thing.
Vows every Starfleet captain should take:

1. I will design my ship's tactical systems so that I do not have to personally direct every single shot fired.
2. I will put surge suppressors in the circuitry of my ship, so that a shot striking some distant portion does not cause a control panel on the bridge to explode.
3. I will design my ships so that command and control functions cannot be hot-wired from a wall panel in the recreation bay.
4. I will design redundancy into all ship systems, so that the loss of one component will not cripple the entire vessel.
5. When combat is imminent, my ships' computer will be programmed so that enemy troops that beam aboard will be immediately beamed into empty space, or the originating ship's reactor core, if that is accessible. It will also deliver a kilo of antimatter to the bridge of the ship in question.
6. When the enemy ship decloaks and is arming weapons, I will immediately open fire on it, instead of waiting for it to fire three or four times.Read more...Collapse )

Coming back, on the bridge.

George stretched luxuriously. He'd found a new comfortable chair, just required a little finagling. Some of the doors were really stubborn, They required a bit of convincing but George was pretty stubborn himself. The only problem with this seat was it was kind of light. And now people were coming in. Very annoying. They were being noisy.

Exploring the Enterprise in furry form

He'd plotted very very carefully. His human didn't go out much, but he'd managed to time the door, so he'd be able to right next to his human and get out of the blasted room. He'd already explored the entire room. It was time to move on to newer, and more interesting places to explore. He wondered where his posse of cats went. That should be his first investigation. Or maybe that interesting smell over there...

Sickbay: George, Chris, Spock, Doctors etc

George was curled into a ball and unable to enjoy all the interesting scents that were coming through around him. He wanted down, and away from the mean lady. This new place they had been taken to was full of interesting sounds and sights. He vaguely recalled being here, and he was pretty sure there were high places to hide from the mean people in.
George had enjoyed his chat with Jim, but lunchtime soon called. He was debating between a turkey sandwich or something more filling. Idly he made a mental note to drop by Spock's office after lunch if Spock didn't call him. The paper work load must be immense. He spotted Chris and waved at him. Should see how Chris is settling in on the Enterprise.

LJ post Open

Found this song. I like it.

If you want to play, reply with "Beam me up, Scotty!" and George will ask you five questions (or however many come to him). If you are so inclined, you can post the questions and answers to your own journal, and then invite your f-list to comment with "Beam me up, Scotty." Or not.

Happy Anniversary to our Game

Last year at this time, I was in such a bad place mentally with RP. I was playing a game that had become the worst kind of un-fun that you can imagine, getting yelled at for not wanting my characters to go OOC, and for not playing plots that squicked me out personally. I was spending more time invisible than visible in IM, and just about was at the end of my rope with RP as a whole.

I was wandering around the kink meme aimlessly, and saw folks RPing. I think it was dctr_mccoy and just_uhura that I read first, and I thought 'hey, that looks like fun'. Wait, RP can be fun? So many characters were already taken, so I decided to try out George Kirk, coming up with the beginnings of him, and tossing him out to see what happened. I figured it couldn't be any worse than the hell that I was dealing with at my old games.

Instead of hell, I found heaven. I found people who were awesome, who kept wank down to a minimum. who were mature enough to just say 'well if I don't like you I won't RP with you', instead of trying to force us to get along. I have grown, and found people I truly like who don't start wank to start wank. I love this game and you guys.

All of this is just to say thanks. Thanks for playing with me, for putting up with me, for RPing with my characters and for reminding me that RP can be fun, and not a torturous chore. Thank you for being awesome. It has been an honor to play with you and I hope to continue for much more time.

Open Post:: Dinnertime goodness

George was eating dinner alone for once, since the Admiralty had kicked George out of their room for a private top secret conference call with Chris. Apparently being a resurrected Hero of the Federation meant squat when he was also still only a Lieutenant. Too bad he couldn't abuse his status so he could eat dinner with Chris. But the food was good. A bit spicier than normal but that was fine by him. He was glad to be back on the ship, and approved highly of Jim's measures to get them to re-adapt to the normal gravity. He was interested, too in what the new mission would hold. He was hoping it would be interesting with new cultures to explore.

For now his table was empty, though he anticipated that not continuing to be the case as he'd gotten there just before the dinner rush really started.


LJPost: Meme taken from Ephram

Bold the items that are true.

Make faces at the items that are Human-centric. Again. Leave commentary in italics!

Read more...Collapse )


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